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Have you ever heard SEO MAGIC?
We are famous for high quality paper streamers (also know as Kabuki throwcoils),and paper snowstorms.
If you have never used our products, we highly recommend to try them.
Price lists are following.
Seo’ Paper Streamers (KABUKI throwcoils) ※ each pack has 10 pieces
We have 4 kinds of paper streamers, which are White, White&Red, Red, and Multi-colors
White Red&White Red Multi-colors
Small (4m(13ft)×2rolls) \3,675 \4,200
Medium (6m(20ft)×2rolls)   \5,250 \5,775
Large (6m(20f)t×3rolls) \7,350 \7,875
X-Large (8m(27ft)×3rolls) \12,600
Seo’ Paper Snowstorms ※ each pack has 10 pieces
We have 4 kinds of snowstorms, which are White, Red&White, Red, and Multi-colors
White Red&White Red Multi-colors
Small \1,680 \1,890
Medium \2,100 \2,310
     Large         \2,625 \2,835
Sweet Flash (New Paper Streamers ) \3150
※ each pack has 20 pieces Red, White, Yellow, Blue, Pink, Purple
Voodoo doll  \1050
How mysterious this just 3 inches doll is. 
This doll must be cursed. You have a small doll, and then you put it on your hand. 
The next moment, the doll will rise on your hand as if it was cursed.
It is not a thread trick, so you don't need to worry about many things such as cutting of thread,
light, or distance with audience. You can show this magic anywhere and anytime!
Coin Vanishing \840
Small gimmick, Big surprise!
It’s a E-Z magic!!
The magician has a borrowed coin ( from audience).
The next moment, the coin will disappear to somewhere from magician’s hand in a flash.
Also by using match, you can perform sniffling match.
This is a small gimmick, so you can bring this gimmick anywhere, anytime.
8 Lights string Red \7350
Blue \8925
Do you have “ D Lite”? If so, how are you performing D’Lite?
Many people have good idea about D Lite. How to adopt it with your routine?
To figure out this problem, we invented special item for you. This is it.
This string has 8 D Lites, and you can produce this from anywhere such as your hand, your mouth, and silk.
It depends on your idea how to use this item. You can exchange this battery easily by yourself.
Total length is over 1m.
Astro-mirror ball \8400
Have you ever thought that you would like to perform mysterious and beautiful magic?
If so, we highly recommend this astro-mirror ball to you.
A good point of this item is that you don’t need to use gimmick stick like zombie.
This small ball can move any way. The end of this magic, this mirror ball will rise to your overhead.
It’s going to be very mysterious ending.
Ball—the diameter of 10 centimeters
Cloth- -90cm×90cm
Moving points \1200
There are many card magic, but this item is a really outstanding item.
You want to pick up the card that specters chose, but you choose a wrong card purposely.
You wanted to choose “4 of heart”, but you are holding “5 of heart”.
The next moment, in front of specters, the card will be “4 of heart” from “5 of heart”.
This is E-Z trick, so you can show this one soon.
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